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Though Juggling Care and Catching the Smiles can't take away all the hard work involved in caring, it provides a framework for you to use to lighten your load, and encourages you to create a sense of adventure as you make resilient plans of your own choosing. Be aware though that this Online Learning will only be successful if you sufficiently want things to be different and are willing to consistently work towards making your chosen changes happen. Here are some of the things carers who have used Juggling Care and Catching the Smiles have said:


  • I no longer feel trapped – I’m enjoying the challenge of finding solutions to difficulties
  • My relationship with my caree has become calmer and less emotionally driven
  • My time is now much better valued by myself and by others
  • I have more energy knowing what needs to happen and how to do it
  • I now have helpers who I think are as capable as me – I feel less isolated
  • I have greater well-being from having more ‘me time’
  • I feel more confident about balancing caring with other commitments
  • Having time to ‘sparkle’ without feeling guilty has strengthened my caring qualities

By guiding you through a series of carefully chosen questions, coaching helps you transform the areas of your situation where you know that things are 'not as you would like' into your knowing 'what you would like, and how to do it well'. At the heart of coaching's success is the belief that you're the person who will best identify what's optimal for your situation. For this reason, though much information is provided in this course to widen your outlook, it's not intended as advice for your particular situation.

Carers who use Juggling Care and Catching the Smiles' coaching-based approach know that they'll have the final say about what they choose as they go forward. Knowing this helps them feel comfortable exploring all the possibilities they discover through the exercises included.

No previous experience is required. All that's needed is curiosity, and the desire and commitment to make your current or potential caring situation as good as you can. Before buying 'Juggling Care and Catching the Smiles', some people find it helpful to complete our free course, ‘What does caring for disabled, ill or elderly people involve?’

The Online Learning requires Internet access and it provides downloadable material in the Resources Areas (in between each session) that you might wish to print off. Whilst you will need a computer or laptop for the majority of it, many people choose to watch parts of it on a tablet or smartphone too.

Soon to be available is the Juggling Care and Catching the Smiles Handbook, which includes most of the material covered by the Online Learning. This provides a great alternative for people who don't have easy access to the Internet or a printer. It might also be used as an additional resource for carers who enjoy having a paper copy to hold alongside using the Online Learning. Click here if you would like updates about the Handbook.

The exercises and examples have been designed such that completing each session in the order given will help you gain the best results; however, you'll still benefit if tight time constraints require you to skim over some areas. If at first glance something doesn't seem that relevant to your situation, it's worth bearing in mind that other carers with that initial reaction have discovered unexpected insights after spending a little time on them. You don't have to act on everything all at once – each time you revisit a session, you'll have the chance to do so in more depth and gain more inspiration for your own situation.

It generally takes about 5 hours for someone to watch the videos and work through the exercises and examples for each Part of PART ONE - PART FOUR. Knowing that carers often have limited amounts of time, each Part is designed in short blocks, which makes them easy for you to return to after any interruptions. The Suggested Time Guides provide an idea of the progress you can make if you were to spend slots of 10 - 15 minutes working through Juggling Care and Catching the Smiles.

Although it’s possible to rush through these courses, we’ve found that the carers who gain the most, allow enough time between the sessions so as to properly think things over. Some carers choose to create and protect daily 10 - 15 minute 'juggle time' slots time, whilst others arrange things differently. You're the person who'll choose the pace you set so as to successfully apply this knowledge to your own caring situation - remember too you can strengthen your learning by returning to the sessions you want to revisit.

The more you put in, the more you’ll get out, and we’d like to encourage you to commit to investing in yourself in this way so that you experience the many benefits that come from making this learning truly your own.

The choice is yours! You can work through Juggling Care and Catching the Smiles by yourself at your own pace or ... combine with one or more carers to encourage one another as you each work through your own copy of each course in between meeting up (on ZOOM/ Skype etc or in person socially distanced) from time to time.

Carers who have used this Online Learning have said they found it helpful to have a large notebook to hand, along with plenty of paper, pens, pencils and a file, box or bag to keep everything in. Bear in mind though that everyone has different preferences, so choose what suits you best to make your working through Juggling Care and Catching the Smiles as enjoyable as you'd like.

Our aim is to provide you with a great opportunity to make your caring situation the best you can and, with commitment on your part, we hope your feedback will be as positive as the comments on our Testimonials page.

However, in the unlikely event you are unhappy with the course content, we offer a 21 day money back refund - all we ask is that you give us a fair chance to resolve any issue you think you have about this online learning by raising it sufficiently ahead (preferably within 16 days of purchase) using this link to contact us.