Making and wearing a fabric face mask?

Welcome to the video of our previous blog post - 7 practical tips for what you really need to know. From considering what materials to use and how to make it a good fit, through to the safe storing and washing of your mask, we help you find out how to be comfortable wearing your mask in the fight against Covid 19.


1) Aerosol Filtration Efficiency of Common Fabrics used in Respiratory Cloth Masks

2) Second video listed: Best Mask Fabrics Revealed (a review of the ACSNano study with applied science)

3) Fourth video listed: Resize Your Face Mask Pattern for a Perfect Fit! Mask Alterations Theory and Practice in a Nutshell

4) Storing Masks for Reuse The container method

5) Storing your mask in a paper bag

6) Washing Cloth Face coverings

7) How to wear a face mask – and still ‘smile’